"Pack all my shit" Riding the streets on NYC a few hours before @xskillyx had to fly back to Milan. Hitting these gaps whilst using both hands to stabilize my camera was too much fun. Don’t forget to check that #Dosnoventa Tokyo 💪💪#TheFramerateAndResolutionDropPainsMeThough

Not even been back in Australia for a week, I miss NYC so fucking much. Thanks for the shot @plainscvle! 🍂🍁
04.10.14 /17:12/ 1
Did a small shoot with @godandfamous on my last day in NY. Check the link for more. 🍃🌿 (at godandfamo.us/blog/freshandminty)
04.09.14 /06:01
So, this is the Ass Saver that got me to New York and genuinely saved my ass from the horrible weather that was going down whilst I was out there.                       
I’d like to personally thank everyone that picked one of these up and supported the cause! Make sure to tag me in any shots that you guys take featuring them! I wanna see your antics.                    
Big thanks again to Kenny (@godandfamous) for the shot and doing the design and Staffan (@asssavers) for making this happen.
04.06.14 /22:01/ 1
The only reason I came home from New York. Everyone meet Rupert.
04.05.14 /10:13
New York it’s been real. Huge thank you to @asssavers & Kenny @godandfamous for getting me out here. And all the people I rode with, took me out and made sure I got home safe. @xskillyx @nemonyc @plainscvle @chrisryan____ @nevernotriding @chasseursnyc @grailedmund  @nahbroitscool @de_mis_ojos @mynameislatte  @moeliving4jesus @paristicker @raelannu @trackordienyc @monsieurrose(Sorry if I’ve forgotten any of you!)  (at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK))
04.03.14 /20:58
Fun morning shooting with Kenny (@godandfamous).  (at Brookyln, Son!)
04.03.14 /02:21
Had a killer day rolling around with Andrea (@xskillyx) See you again soon homie! Safe flight.
04.02.14 /04:41
@mynameislatte killing it at the #redhookcrit. #NNR (at Red Hook Crit)
04.01.14 /02:18/ 1
Probably the worst crash of yesterday. But @mfchrisb took it like a champ. Broken bones and stitches. Speedy recovery dude! #redhookcrit  (at Red Hook Crit)
03.30.14 /21:16/ 2
Tonight’s crit was SO fucking mental. But I had an awesome time. Bring on Barcelona! #redhookcrit (at Red Hook Crit)
03.30.14 /12:06/ 1
Breakfast before the Redhook Crit. Weather is fucking horrible. They’re is going to be a lot of torn kits at the end of today.  (at Brooklyn Roasting Company)
03.29.14 /23:45
Fianlly landed and unpacked. Going to head out to the Redhook course and then into the city for the NNR (@nevernotriding) group ride. Hope to catch up with as many of you guys as possible!  (at New York Loft Hostel)
03.28.14 /04:04
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